A Flavor Adventure

Coconut Cowgirl brings you obsessively delicious plant-based healthy and nutritious versions of classically cravable foods. Our mission is to transform the way people think about healthy food. 

Rich. Creamy.
Sweet. Salty. Crunchy.
We creatively use coconut to satisfy your dairy, sugar, and meat cravings with our nutrient dense flavor packed products, such as Fresh Coconut Milk, Vegan Coconut Bacon, and Coconut Milk Dark Chocolate Fudge. You’ll only find our Fresh Coconut Milk available at the Maui Upcountry Farmers Market every Saturday. Available in select stores and for order anywhere in the US here on our website, our Vegan Coconut Bacon, is a satisfyingly savory gluten free snack that is conveniently snackable straight from the bag or a delicious addition sprinkled over a salad, avocado toast, sandwiches pasta, and even on oatmeal, ice cream, donuts, and brownies!

About Emma

In 2018, Coconut Cowgirl was founded by Emma Zawacki at the intersection of the Hawaiian Paniolo Cowboy tradition of Upcountry Maui and coconut sipping beach life.

Emma realized many years ago that many of her family’s favorite foods were based on unhealthy traditions that involved eating meat, dairy, sugar and bread. Her dad ate a lot of bacon and eggs, her grandpa loved meatball sandwiches, and honestly, who doesn’t love tiramisu.

As an adult, Emma stopped eating meat, dairy, and sugar because it was taking a toll on her blood sugar and hormones. She found herself feeling like she didn’t fit into a limited dietary category, and she was trying to understand how to make healthy choices and eat foods that made her feel good without sacrificing flavor. Living on an island made experimenting with coconuts an easy choice.

"Food is our love language."
We’re obsessed with coconuts for their super food qualities and super delicious taste, their versatility, and their deep cultural and historical importance in Hawaii. When we’re talking about human health and food innovation coconuts have earned their place at the table (no pun intended! Okay, maybe). They are a macronutrient rich energy source that contains healthy fats, protein, and carbohydrates. These essential nutrients, (like MCTs and lauric acid) uniquely and highly concentrated in coconut, support brain, gut, and immune system vitality.
Food is our love language. Feeding people is more than filling bellies. It’s about bringing people together, experiencing the smiles of satisfaction, and the shared state of feeling filled up by good things. We believe food should taste good and be good for you.
No matter what your diet is or what kind of foodie you consider yourself, healthy food IS for you, AND it can taste good and be fun and enjoyable. We are committed to using simple organic ingredients in our obsessively delicious products. We hope they bring your heart, your belly, and your taste buds joy.